Greetings!  I’m Sasha, your friendly neighborhood atheist.  I’ve been marrying couples since 2002.  I often think to myself that I have the world’s best job:  I get to celebrate with people on one of the happiest days of their lives.

Marriage is amazing and powerful because it’s the act of choosing family.  Think about it:  your parents, your siblings, your aunts and uncles, even your children…every one of them became your family through dumb luck.  (A case could be made for adoption and stepfamilies as an exception to my generalization.)  You have the choice to accept or reject them, but you can never change them.  When we marry, we get one shot at choosing a family member.  Although your spouse will undoubtedly evolve over the years, and like your other family members, you can never change them, you do have the opportunity to choose your partner, with every facet and flaw.

For the first few years of my officiating career I maintained a nondenominational wedding website.  I officiated a few interfaith weddings, a few faith-based weddings, and a LOT of secular weddings.  I  loved it when an atheist or agnostic couple found me with great relief after calling other officiants who wanted them to make a statement of faith or participate in church premarital counseling, or simply assumed that they believed in god.

This website is for those couples.  If you’re a nonbeliever who doesn’t want to settle for tying the knot at the County Clerk’s office; if you envision a heartfelt and inspiring secular ceremony with no religion, no dogma, no scripture, if you don’t want to compromise and bite your tongue when you meet with your officiant, then have a look around.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.